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Friends of the Rappahannock animated public service advertisement

(To see the videos, click on the pictures.)

The Rappahannock animation is now a bit more than half done.  The original crude storyboard is first.  This is simply to test the concept and the timing.  There is really no animation:

Next, this is the animation with a lot of animation present... but a lot of stuff is still missing.  The animation and inking still need a lot of work, but it shows how it is progressing: 

Next, this is the latest version. 

I've also placed it here as a FLASH file, which looks good, but only if you have a fast machine.  Also, FLASH files do not allow any of the subtle shading that will appear in the final version.  I have not even begun to start with the shading.  There is also something peculiar happening to the soundtrack, which should be easy to eliminate in the final edit.


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